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CPR Volunteer

Saturday night 6pm, Sunday 9:15am, 11am

General duties of position

  •  Basic CPR
  • Being with someone until 911 arrives (if necessary)
  • Use the AED (if necessary)

Time commitment expectation per week (i.e. number of hours):

  •  Serve during the service you already attend worship.
  • Perhaps even volunteer to serve on a Saturday night a few times a year.

Typical schedule of position

  •  Serve during the service that you attend already. 
  • The goal is only to do it once a month.

Benefits of Serving In the Position

  •  Reserved seating for you and your family each time you serve.
  • Using your skills to serve and care for others at GCC who need medical assistance will be a big encouragement to those you provide care for. 
  • Very easy way to serve and attend church if you do not have lots of time to be able to commit to serve during the week. No prep time necessary.