Outpour Kids & Teens

Music Camps and Community Choirs for Children in Grades K-8

Every child should have easy

access to meaningful activities

Confidence | Passion | Excellence | Purpose

Let’s be honest: most of what our children do is about doing what’s expected

Standing in Line. Being Quiet. Blending In.

But you see that they have so much more to offer.

It may only pop out in moments…

like singing in the car or behind a closed bedroom door,

but you see it, and you wish they did too!

At Outpour Kids and Teens, we believe that every child can ignite their pasion and grow in excellence with confidence in their purpose

We All Want The Best for Our Kids

We believe that children need space to discover and develop their gifts. We created Outpour Kids with this in mind. Our director, Katie Weiand, brings over a decade of vocal coaching experience to the table and leads a team of adults who are invested in your child’s future. We’ve helped hundreds of kids grow in confidence and discover their purpose in a nurturing environment.

Community Worship Choir

A space where your child can grow their confidence and skill while singing music that matters!

Our worship choirs happen twice a year and are bound to produce a memorable concert for you and your family.

Sessions are 8 Weeks Long

Kids meet Thursdays from 6:00 – 7:30PM

Teens meet Thursdays from 7:30-8:45PM

Late September-November


Summer Musical Theater CAMP

A summer camp where your child will join a team of people to create something great!

Our summer musical has grown every year and we are so excited for this summer.

This one week camp will grow your child’s faith while giving them tools and training in growing in their gifts and their confidence.

Our Next Camp
July 17-21st, 2023
Mon-Fri 9:00AM-1:45PM
Performance at 7PM on the final camp day

Joy-filled Confidence

I signed up for Outpour Kids with a background in musical theatre. Instead of portraying theatrical characters, singing with Outpour Kids gave me a joyful confidence in my voice and a desire to share the reason for my joy with others. I am now able to use what I’ve learned as I serve as a worship leader for my church youth group. PS. I loved Outpour Kids so much, I’m now a volunteer staff member.
-Audrey, 9th Grade


Some answers to the most frequently asked questions about Outpour Kids

Do My Kids Need Singing Experience?

No! We take all skill levels and we will find a way to get your child involved.

How Much Does it Cost?

8-Week Worship Choir – $60

One Week Summer Music Camp – $150

Are Scholarships Available?

Yes. Contact us at katie@gccws.net  for more information

Are there any hidden costs or commitments?

No! We like to operate under our “no pressure guarentee.” Everything is included in the cost and you will not be asked to participate in any fundraisers or provide additional time and resources.

Can I Contact Someone for More Information?

You can email our director, Katie Wieand, at katie@gccws.net

What About Scheduling Conflicts?

We understand your schedule is busy and we want to work with you. Email our director, Katie Wieand, at katie@gccws.net

Volunteer with Outpour Kids

I am interested in volunteering as a...