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GCC Kids' Regathering Guide

This guide is a supplement to GCC􏰈􏰃 Rega􏰀hering G􏰁idePlease be sure to read that document carefully for detailed information regarding how Grace Community Church is creating a clean and safe environment for worship and ministries that help people know and follow Jesus. While our full Child􏰂en􏰈􏰃 Mini􏰃􏰀􏰂􏰇 􏰆􏰂og􏰂amming 􏰅ill no􏰀 begin d􏰁􏰂ing 􏰀he ini􏰀ial 􏰆hase of reopening, the following opportunities will be provided for families with children.

Children􏰑s Ministry􏰇 Opportunities

  • Families are invited to worship together. Sat., 6:00 pm | Sun., 8:00, 9:15, 11:00 am Seating for families will be available in the auditorium and overflow space in Room 104. Overflow rooms have a direct livestream of the service.
  • 􏰐 Family Rooms 􏰒 Rooms 100, 101 and 103, while unstaffed, will be open for families to use in the event that children get restless or upset during the service. The service will be livestreamed in each of these rooms.
  • 􏰐 Children􏰈􏰃 Activity Bag􏰃 􏰒 Activity bags will be provided for preschool 􏰒 5th grade students. Bags will be available in the Main Lobby (this is a change from the letter you received by mail). Each child should pick up a bag on his/her first visit back to GCC. The bag become􏰃 􏰀he child􏰈􏰃 􏰆e􏰂􏰃onal bag 􏰀o b􏰂ing and 􏰁􏰃e each 􏰀ime 􏰇ou come to a service at GCC. If your family prefers to worship online, you can stop by the church during office hours (Mon. 􏰒 Fri. | 8:30 􏰒 4:00) to pick up bags for your children to use at home.
  • 􏰐 Online Sunday School with live chat | Immediately following the 9:15 am service - We will continue to produce a weekly online Sunday school program which is available on our GCC YouTube channel.
  • 􏰐 Online or Backyard VBS 􏰒 for detailed information, go to