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Online Church

Grace Community Church has an online campus that is interactive and available for you.


What Is Online Church?

Online Church is an interactive online environment where you attend church in a "chat room." We encourage you to say hello and interact with our campus leader. Church is never a spectator sport so let us know you are here.

Online Church is an online campus of Grace Community Church of Willow Street. Our mission is to help people know and follow Jesus. This is true whether or not you are ever able to attend a service at our physical location at 212 Peach Bottom Road in Willow Street, PA. 

Our online service has a live pastor, a chat room, and hopefully everything else you might want from a church service. If you are wondering where to find something, just ask. 

Can People Really Experience Church Online?

We believe they can! Online communities exist in many different capacities. Whether we are talking about Facebook Groups, live Podcast recordings, or Twitch chats, people are finding real and (as much as they choose) authentic community online. We believe that we can foster an online church community and we love to have you be a part of it.

Of course, this has more to do with the individual than the experience. If you wish to fully attend the online campus, do your best to watch the live stream as if you were sitting in church. Silence your phone. Don’t step out too often. Try to really focus on the worship and the message. If you do these things, we believe you will have a true “church experience.” 

What is the mission of GCCWS's Online Campus?

Our hope is to create a path to the Kingdom of God that may or may not lead to your physical presence at our 212 Peach Bottom Road location. Ultimately, we want to see people know and follow Jesus in an online environment. 

Is Pastoral Care Available?

Pastoral Care is and will continue to be an essential part of the ministry of Grace Community Church. We want to be there and available for you and your family. We will make every effort to make every aspect of Pastoral Care at GCCWS available to you. Contact our Online Pastor, Addison Roberts, if you need pastoral care of any kind.

How Do I Get Involved?

As our Online Church grows, there will be needs in a variety of areas, be sure to keep an eye on our Instagram, Facebook, our church wide email, and our bulletin. These are sure to contain any necessary information. 

How Do I Support Online Church?

There are many expenses that make Online Church possible. Just the equipment and training necessary to produce the quality of live stream that we produce creates a significant need. Your gifts and tithes are necessary to continue to increase our quality. If you wish to tithe to Grace Community Church or give a one time gift, you can use our online giving portal here.

I Can't Come to GCCWS. How Do I Build Community?

This is a good question. We recommend inviting someone to watch the live stream with you. Make your home a church and invite your friends, loved ones, or neighbors to enjoy the service with you. If you plan to do this, contact Pastor Addison so that we can make sure you are prepared for this event.