New Sanctuary FAQ

As we begin a New Year, we are also beginning a new season in the life of Grace Community Church. Beginning January 8/9, 2022, we will be moving into our new worship space. The completion of our new sanctuary is evidence of God’s abundant provision and amazing grace lavished on GCC. To better prepare for this move, please read over the information below which gives a general overview of what you can expect in our new facilities.  We are excited to be able to utilize and enjoy what God has provided. 


How many seats?


  •  The sanctuary has 575 seats of which 390 are on the first floor and 185 are in the balcony. There are 13 handicap seating spaces. Our current sanctuary seats 400.


  •  The center sections of the first floor are slightly sloped to give worshippers a better view from the back seats. The seats in the center sections and balcony are fixed seats. The seats in the front and back of the first floor center sections are movable chairs. The floor under the first floor fixed seats is polished, stained concrete to allow for easier maintenance and cleaning.


What about the stage?


  •  The stage is higher than our current stage for better visibility for worshippers in the balcony. It is longer and higher, allowing for multiple uses. The stage was designed as a space from which to lead weekend worship as well hold our Outpour Kids concerts and dramas and host the occasional concert or special event. The grand piano will return to the stage when it is completely repaired and refinished. A generous gift enabled us to make those much needed piano repairs.


What about the studio?


  •  The studio is in the sanctuary, which means GCC Anywhere, our online church, will be broadcast from the same space where in-person worship is taking place. Every week, that studio is staffed by 4-6 volunteers to ensure the best at-home worship experience for the GCC family. Prior to this new sanctuary, the studio was temporarily housed in a variety of spaces.


  •  There will be three cameras in the new sanctuary – two on platforms similar to the platform in our current sanctuary and one hand-held camera. This will provide an even better online experience as well as live images of our worship leaders and preachers on the screens to the left and right of the stage.

Our New Balcony


  •  The balcony is on the same level as the second story of our Education Wing. The balcony can be accessed using the elevator or either staircase in the Education wing - one in the Check-In area and one next to the Youth Room. The balcony can also be accessed using the staircase to the right on the main floor of the sanctuary. 


What is new to our main floor?


  • There is a new set of rest rooms located just outside the sanctuary on the main level. A water fountain with bottle filler is located there as well.


  •  The newly expanded café can be accessed from the sanctuary lobby using one of two new entryways.


  • A new welcome desk is located at the first floor entrance to the sanctuary.  The current welcome desk will be relocated to the Education Wing to welcome families using the Education Wing entrance. 


Important Things to Note…


  •  We’re not completely finished. Even when we open the new sanctuary on January 8 and 9, there will be some work yet to be completed including some signage and furnishings. Due to supply chain issues, our new hallway furnishings may not arrive until the late spring. 


  • Our sanctuary expansion presents a different experience/space for everyone at GCC – pastors, worship leaders and worshippers. The look of our worship space is new and different, but who we are as the GCC family remains the same. We are a people with a passion for helping people know and follow Jesus. Our new space is simply a tool in God’s hand to enable us to fulfill our mission today and into the future.  We are extremely grateful for God’s abundant provision that allows us to be GCC Anywhere.