Fear is not a necessity

Read: Revelation 1

Reflect: Scared to death! We’ve all had this experience. Well, maybe not literally but figuratively. Maybe someone sneaked up behind and scared you, or maybe a loud noise took you by surprise. Whatever the case you know the feeling. Your heart pounds or you start to sweat. The fear at that moment is real.

The Apostle John also had this experience in a vision. He records the encounter in the Book of Revelation. When confronted with the unveiled glory of the Son of God, John says that he “fell at His feet like a dead man”. The fear was real. Even in a vision he thought he was done. The description of Jesus is beyond awesome. He was clothed in a robe reaching to his feet with a golden sash across His chest. This imagery is that of a judge in a judicial role. His head and hair were pure white like new snow. He had eyes like flaming fire. His feet were like glowing bronze as if in a furnace. When He spoke it was like a rushing river.

Think of Niagara Falls. It was almost deafening. The description concludes with “In His right hand He held seven stars, out of His mouth came a sharp two-edged sword, and His face was like the sun shining in its strength”. Wow! No wonder John fell at His feet as if dead. When confronted with pure irresistible power, glory, and holiness who wouldn’t? This is our God and Savior. He is beyond incredible!

We must keep this image of Jesus in mind as we live our daily lives. Whether it’s a pandemic, an intense election, or the grind of daily life the All Powerful One is still on the throne. He is in control. Mankind can let a deadly virus loose. Politicians may corrupt the government in their lust for power. Hollywood can cause our culture to spiral downward in sinful ways, but God is still on His throne. Just like John, all of mankind will be confronted one day with Jesus. I suspect they will have the same reaction. Revelation 1:7 “Behold, He is coming with the clouds, and every eye will see Him, even those who pierced Him; all the tribes of the earth will mourn over Him.”

Apply: Read the description of Jesus in Revelation 1:12-18 multiple times and then close your eyes and picture Him. Remember this picture. One day we will all stand before Him. If you're a believer, if you're His child you don’t have to fear this day. It will be a glorious day when Jesus welcomes you into His kingdom.

Rich Jennings lives in Willow Street with his wife Michelle and two daughters Chloe and Emma. They have been attending Grace Community for two years.