How does the finite make connection with the infinite?


by Rich Jennings

Read: Genesis 1

Reflect:  Where did we come from? How did we get here? Believers and non-believers alike ask these important questions. We all want to understand our reality. Did we evolve? Did a higher being create us? How do we know? The first chapter of Genesis sets the stage for the story of humanity. This is what Christians point to as proof of what happened in the beginning of creation. This is our documented evidence of where life began. There had to be a Creator behind everything. Science and common sense tell us that something cannot appear out of nothing. The theory of evolution is man’s attempt at explaining our reality apart from God. After all, if there is a God, then we may have to answer to Him, and the world does not want to do that.

How did life originate? It’s an important question, but there is a more incredible thought to consider. Where did God come from? If something cannot appear out of nothing, then where did God begin? The Bible assumes His existence by saying, “In the beginning God”. It does not try to prove His existence. He is the great “I am.” He is the Self-Existent One. Maybe the best way to describe God with our finite minds would be to say, “God is the Great Uncaused Cause”. He caused everything, yet no one caused Him. He always existed. He exists apart from time and space. There are no constraints on Him. He is all-powerful and all-knowing. God is everywhere at all times. He knows everything we do, good or bad. His judgments are final and just. He controls all reality. Angels are subject to Him. He gives everything life. He is God and He is love. To ponder His existence should more than humble us. It is the most incredible thought that we cannot easily answer. What matters most is that this Self-Existent God, Who creates us, loves us, provides a way for us to reconnect to Him, fixes the relationship that is lost through sin. The way back is Jesus. Through Jesus is eternal life, and offers a full life now on earth and also through eternity through an intimate walk with Him.

Apply:  Take time to contemplate the existence of God. Read scriptures that reveal His character. Focus on how God operates, and as you think about His greatness, thank Him for the free gift of salvation through Jesus. 

Rich Jennings lives in Willow Street with his wife Michelle and two daughters Chloe and Emma. They have been attending Grace Community for two years.