Ukraine Reponse


The National Association of Evangelicals has provided the following prayer points as we pray for Ukraine:

 Pray for an immediate end to the violence and that war would cease.

Pray that God would change the head, heart and plans of President Vladimir Putin.

Pray for protection of all, particularly the most vulnerable, including the elderly, children, the disabled and the poor.

Pray that believers will unite, speak the truth, and reflect the love of Jesus.
Pray for families who are separated.

Pray for many on both sides who are conscripted or forced to fight.

Pray for world leaders and those in power that they will serve with humility and act justly.

Pray for the displaced and those who welcome them.

Pray for those who grieve and mourn the loss of property, loss of peace and security, and loss of life.

Pray that supplies and resources will reach those who need it, and for the generosity of God’s people.

Pray for missionaries — those who were called to stay as well as those who were called to leave.

Pray for true healing for all who will experience physical, emotional and spiritual trauma.

Pray that people would turn to and choose Jesus and that they would experience his hope and peace.

Pray that God’s will be done on earth that it is in heaven. 


Our denomination, The Evangelical Congregational Church, is joining together in supporting the European Christian Ministry International’s Ukraine Crisis Fund. From their website:

The crisis is giving rise to new financial needs for our workers.

  • Tens of thousands of refugees are expected to arrive in Lviv as they move from the Eastern part of the country, and our team there is preparing to help them. Your support would be part of that help.
  • The inflation caused by the war will make things more difficult for our team and we want to send additional funds for them as needed.
  • We have provided an emergency satellite phone for our team in Lviv in case other communications fail. Using the phone costs approximately $2.25 per minute. We want to be able to cover this and other emergency expenses that may arise in the future. Can you help us?

To serve these and other possible needs, we have established a Ukraine Crisis Fund. To give to this, please clickhere or use the Donation button on this page.

We will only deduct bank transfer fees at cost and forward the rest of your gift to ECM missionaries working directly in this situation. They will use it at their discretion to bring relief and support to people caught up in this crisis, whether in Ukraine or for refugees who have left the country. In the event that this money is no longer required in this way, we will use it for ongoing ECM ministry in Ukraine. If you are unhappy with this arrangement please contact your nearest ECM office to discuss other ways of givingECM Offices

If you would like to give by check, please contact us.