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Saturday night 6pm, Sunday 8am, 9:15am, 11am

General duties of position

  •  Hand out bulletins to people as they enter the sanctuary. 
  • Smile and welcome people to church. Find a seater if they need help finding seats. 

Time commitment expectation per week (i.e. number of hours):

  • 30 minutes prior to a church service. You serve as you attend church already so no time throughout the week is necessary. 

Typical schedule of position

  • Usually serve for a month then you have 2 months off. 

Benefits of Serving In the Position

  • You get to know more people at church & build relationships.
  • By being here 30 minutes prior to the service, you can put your stuff down at the place you would like to sit since the seats will not be filled up. 
  • When the service begins, you be seated so you can enjoy and worship in the service. 
  • Very easy way to serve and attend church if you do not have lots of time to be able to commit to serve during the week. No prep time necessary.