WHAT I WANT By Britt Snyder

Read: Psalm 23

Reflect: It has been seventeen straight months at home with three little ones. It has been seventeen straight months of endless news cycles. It has been seventeen straight months of slightly exhausting opinions and arguments and noise.

I have found my tone to be clipped and short lately – to say the least. I find myself getting frustrated easier and angrier quicker, with the ones who deserve it the least. My patience is worn thin and I know there are a million contributing factors to how I am feeling internally – most of them stemming from the past 17 months.  I have found myself saying things like “I just want this house to stay clean for more than ten minutes.” or “I just want some time to myself.” or “What I really want is life to go back to normal.”

So this week as I opened a study on Psalm 23 I didn’t get far past the first verse. In fact, I stopped there and stayed. Psalm 23:1 The Lord is my shepherd, I shall not be in want.  You all – my want list is HUGE right now. The word “want” rolls off my tongue on a daily basis. I want COVID to be gone. I want my kids to stop fighting. I want the schools to look normal. I want a guarantee of health. I want to stop researching statistics and case studies. I want a full night of sleep. I want another comfort food ice cream cone from the creamery down the road. I want the broken world we had in February of 2020 before we became the even more broken world of March 2020.

There is a lot I want right now. And Psalm 23:1 was more than a small reminder as to where I need to be looking to quell those wants (hint: the answer is not social media). The Lord is my shepherd. In all the busy, I forgot that I need my Shepherd so I don’t have to deal with the wants. He is a Shepherd who cares for his flock. He is a Shepherd who leads us to quiet waters. He is a Shepherd who restores our soul. He walks with us in the valley of the shadow of death. He comforts me. He anoints me. His goodness and love follow me. Why would I ever look for my wants to be satisfied in something or someone other than my Shepherd? There will be no wants in the Lord. Look at all he does for us as our Shepherd. What is there left to want if we rest in him? He is our Jehovah-Jireh – the Lord who provides.

Apply: What have you wanted lately? And how have those wants been determining your daily mood and outlook on life? Let this be a reminder to turn back to our Shepherd where we will not want.