What happens when the changes hit us in the face and simply nothing feels the same anymore?


by Brittany Snyder

Read: Hebrews 13

Reflect:  After we had our first daughter I found myself grasping for a way to cope with the momentous change that had just occurred. Suddenly everything about my life felt foreign. I remember loading her into the car and just driving. Driving so she would sleep and I could turn up the music and pretend that life was the exact same it had always been just a month or so prior. Don’t get me wrong, I loved her but she rocked my world. I needed something that felt the same. My car rides with my music were my small moments into something that felt familiar.

She was a beautiful change to our life and still I was craving something that felt normal. Something that had stayed the same.

Not all changes are beautiful. The loss of a loved one. A career that disappears overnight. Putting a mask on your two year old to walk into a store for groceries. Moving away from friends and family. Severed relationships. Political unrest. An unexpected medical diagnosis. Life brings so many hard changes.

What do we do when the music in a car ride isn’t enough? When the changes hit us in the face over and over again and simply nothing feels the same anymore? When our peace has been shattered by a change that was anything but welcome? Where do we turn when our routines have been turned upside down and what was once simple is now complicated? Because the fact is – we can only turn up the music so loud until we hear the baby crying again.

What a gift it is then to have a Lord to cling to Who never changes. We don’t need to resort to grasping for a hint of normalcy during a ten minute car ride because we have someone to look to who truly is the same yesterday, today, and forever. What a beautiful mercy it is to have a Lord who has said “never will I leave you; never will I forsake you.” (Hebrews 13:5). 

Our eyes need to be turning to Christ when our manmade world seems to crumble. The promises of God need to be our foundation because they will never leave us. All other sources of contentment can be stripped from us in a second. When changes bring us to our knees we need to keep our foundation built upon the One who does not change.

Apply: Where are you looking when life changes? Have you placed your hope in your daily routines, your career, your relationships, or even your church? What do you do when these things are shaken? Turn your eyes back to the One who never changes. Keep your eyes on Christ and take refuge in our Lord who is the only one who will never change. 

Britt Snyder is a lover of Jesus and wife to Greg. Her days are filled loving on and chasing around their three little ones: Lynette, Audrey and Wade. As a former elementary school teacher and now stay at home mama she enjoys serving as a kindergarten homeschool co-op teacher and leader at GCC's Mornings for Moms ministry. Coffee and books fill the moments where all three kids are miraculously sleeping at the same time.