Do Not Rely On The Other 99

Read: Luke 15: 1-7

Reflect: The parable of the lost sheep has always been one of my favorites of Jesus’s parables. I love the way it demonstrates the depth and breadth of Father God’s heart for His children. Recently though, the Holy Spirit showed me a new perspective to this parable that convicted me deeply.

         How often in life do we look to others for help? When we are struggling, stumbling, faltering, it is normal to reach out to those in our trusted circle for support and guidance. This is how the Christian walk is spelled out in the Bible for us, that we “should bear each other’s burdens” (Galatians 6:2). This fellowship and community are a beautiful gift from God, but if we are not careful, we can start to look to those around us not just for help, but for rescue. 

         There was a time recently when I was really struggling with a heavy burden and felt like I was barely keeping my head afloat amongst choppy waves. Desperately, I reached out to several people, thinking I was just asking for help. When I didn’t hear back from any of them, I felt devastated. Left with absolutely no one else to turn to, I fell to my knees and cried, “Why God? Why have you left me so alone?” At that moment, the Holy Spirit gently showed me that I was a lost sheep, but I was looking for the 99 to come save me when there was a Savior who had already left his flock to bring me back home.

Looking to others for rescue is a dangerous line to walk because we all sin and fall short; we will let each other down. There is no other savior who can meet your needs so perfectly as Jesus can. The community the Lord blesses each of us with is wonderful, but they are not the ones who leave the open field to come find you. Don’t make Jesus your last resort to turn to for help. Don’t rely on the other 99 to save you so much that you forget who your real rescuer is. His heart is for you, and He wants to bring you back from the danger you need to be saved from. He want to do it today with great joy and rejoicing.

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