Outreach is Essential

We consider outreach an essential part of who we are as a church. God has richly blessed us and allowed us to partner with wonderful organizations in Lancaster County and around the world. Below, you will see some helpful resources that we are aware of that help you get an idea of our connection to the world. In addition, you will find many links to help you get connected to our missions partners. Have questions? Simply contact us. 


Joshua Project is a research initiative seeking to highlight the ethnic people groups of the world with the fewest followers of Christ.

The Global Ministries Community (GMC) exists to empower national churches, facilitate mission workers, and nurture a global vision of God’s redemptive mission within all EC Churches. 

Local Outreach

At Grace Community Church, we frequently ask ourselves an important question: If our church closed down, would anyone who doesn’t attend notice? With this in mind, we have a number of strategic partnerships with community organizations. If you would like more information, contact Pastor Kevin Kumher.

Water Street Mission

Water Street Mission

Water Street's mission is to advance the kingdom of God through the gospel of Jesus Christ and to do missionary, relief and rescue work of all kinds.

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Solanco Neighborhood Ministries

Solanco Neighborhood Ministries

The vision of Solanco Neighborhood Ministries is to provide a support network, promote personal and spiritual growth, increase self-sufficiency, and break the cycle of poverty within our Solanco community.

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Community Action Partnership

Community Action Partnership

The Community Action Partnership is Lancaster County’s largest anti-poverty organization and boasts a service profile that interrupts inter-generational poverty with programs that assist families at every age and place in life.

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LS Together

LS Together

LS Together exists to bring Lampeter-Strasburg School District organizations and individuals together to strengthen the LS community.

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North Star Initiative

North Star Initiative

North Star Initiative supports women who are survivors of domestic sex trafficking by providing physical, psychological, emotional, and spiritual care through a Christ-centered focus.

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Align Life Ministries

Align Life Ministries

Aligning with God to champion the gospel and the sacredness of life in Central Pennsylvania.

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Bible 2 School

Bible2School is a program that provides free elective Bible classes to elementary school children attending public school during the school day.

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United States and Around The World

Grace Community Church also supports many different organizations and individuals here in the US and around the world.

Mike Sigman Staff Photo

Brian and Missy Wagner

Rift Valley Academy is located in Kenya, East Africa. The school overlooks the Great Rift Valley, located on an escarpment at about 7500 feet altitude.

Whitaker Family Missionary Photo

BJ and Rachel Whitaker

The Whitakers are church-planting missionaries sent by the Evangelical Congregational Church to serve in Spain with European Christian Mission International.

Barry and Dawn Winchell Missionary Photo

Barry and Dawn Winchell

Missionaries with TEAM. Barry currently serves as the Regional Executive Director for Europe, the Middle East and Africa (EMEA). They are based in North Carolina.

Dan and Anna Julian Missionary Photo

Dan and Anna Julian

Dan and Anna serve with a team that teaches biblical and theological courses to pastors and others in the Spanish church

Tomo and Jessica Abe Missionary Photo

Tomoyuki and Jessica Abe

Tomoyuki and Jessica both studied at Evangelical Seminary, and then served in Japan for 10 years. Now they are doing ministry to Japanese people and French people in France.

Dan and Melinda Moury Missionary Photo

Dan and Melinda Moury

Dan and Melinda have been ministering out of the Wycliffe USA headquarters in Orlando, FL since 2011. Dan serves as a videographer and editor in Wycliffe’s Marketing and Communications department.

Lamar and Janice Stoltzfoos Missionary Photo

Lamar and Janice Stoltzfus

Missionaries to Rift Valley Academy in Kenya.

Yoriyoshi and Emiko Abe Missionary Photo

Yoriyoshi and Emiko Abe

Yoriyoshi Abe and his wife Emiko serve in Japan leading Grace Garden Church. We consider them “one of our own” because Yoriyoshi served as a pastoral intern here at Grace Community Church of Willow Street.

Lucian and Rebecca Avadani Missionaries to Romania Missionary Photo

Lucian and Rebecca Avadanei

Orphan ministry and children & youth outreach in Romania

Beth Grimm Missionary Photo

Beth Grimm

Beth is currently a Wycliffe (WBT) Volunteer Member under our EC Global Missions Community (GMC) with the job description as an Educational Specialist to be an international consultant to Missionary Kids (MK) schools, while continuing her private practice in Lancaster, PA.

Beth Grimm Missionary Photo

Brittney Stover

Serving in Washington D.C. Metropolitan Area

Brittney Stover is serving with Bridges International in the Washington D.C. Metropolitan area across four surrounding college campuses. Through Bridges, Brittney is reaching international students so that they can truly experience God’s grace in community and come to know just how much He loves them.

Rachel Kumher Missionary Photo

Rachel Kumher

“In the past five years the Lord has led me to be part of the Great Commission in many different ways. I have seen His goodness and His grace in many ways, in many nations, and in many hearts. I’m excited to start a new journey of his continuing grace as I step into a supporting role as Serve Asia Program Coordinator.” – Rachel