Keep It Real

Addison Roberts
June 16, 2022

Read:  James 1:22-27
Reflect: “Fake News”. In the last few years, we’ve all heard that term especially as it pertains to the world of politics. Wikipedia defines “Fake News” as “false or misleading information presented as genuine news”. The story is meant to distort the facts in order to change someone’s opinion on a subject so that the readers’ opinions and beliefs align more closely to the author’s. In short, it’s deceiving someone. It’s not genuine because the validity of the facts can be called into question.
This is the world we live in, but the life of a Christian should be different.  It should be bona fide, real, and true.  As we read the book of James, everything points to our calling.  Believers are called to be genuine. For example, faith proven by good works describes a veritable faith. We must be careful not only to guard against deceiving others but even deceiving ourselves. As we read the Bible, God will speak to us concerning our life. If we are wise, we will listen and obey. It’s not enough just to hear from God and walk away. If you look into the mirror and see some dirt on your nose you don’t just walk away and say “Wow, there is some dirt on my nose!” What should you do? The mirror has revealed the problem and you then act by washing the dirt off your nose.

It’s the same spiritually. When the mirror of God’s Word shows you the spiritual dirt in your life, don’t walk away but instead clean it up. God wants us to live a pure and undefiled life, unstained by the world. In other words, He wants us to be genuine Christians. He wants us to be real inside and out because even if we fake it to the world, God still sees our heart. A genuine life is a life that is pleasing to God.
Apply:  Practically, how do we become the authentic Christian that God wants us to be? The first step is found in James chapter 4 where the Bible encourages us in verse 8 to “Come close to God and He will come close to you”. Pray every day that God would fill you with His Spirit and keep you close to Him. Then as you read His Word, listen to Him and simply obey. This is what God wants: a genuine faith characterized by a genuine life. That’s keeping it real!

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