Mike Sigman - March 13, 2022

The Last Step

The best and most accurate way to describe the story in Mark 10:17-31 is that it is a story about a man who was but one step away from a personal and eternal relationship with God. Jesus showed him the step to be taken, and Jesus invited him it. It was a step of surrender. The object to be surrendered – in this case money - is not as important as the act of surrender. Join your GCC family this weekend as we unpack a sometimes hard to understand encounter between a rich man and Jesus. Join us as we learn how that encounter makes an eternal difference in our lives – rich or not! Surrender is a step every one of us must make to follow Jesus!

From Series: "Unfiltered Jesus"

Join us for a series of 14 sermons that unpack and explain some of the hard sayings of Jesus – the hard-to-understand and hard-to-apply-to-life teachings and stories of Jesus that seem to raise more questions than they answer. We need to understand these truths so we can live full and free lives in Jesus Christ.

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