Mike Sigman - May 8, 2022

Eternity Now

Welcome to our third week exploring the truth about ETERNITY. Most people, when they hear the word ETERNITY, immediately think FUTURE. Eternity is always and only about our future. But that’s not Biblically true. Your eternal life began the day you decided to follow Jesus. Whether you realize it or not, on that day, you stopped living for the moment and you started living for eternity. On that day, a seismic shift of focus and perspective took place in your life. This world is no longer all that matters to you. Eternity matters and you should live like it. Eternity begins now! Join your GCC family this Mother’s Day weekend as we unpack this next truth about ETERNITY and make some special applications to our families.

From Series: "Eternity"

Join us for a five-part sermon series on ETERNITY! It is a fascinating topic that raises the curiosity of Christians and non-Christians alike. Understanding eternity will take the fear out of our future and fill us with what the Bible calls a living and blessed hope. In the course of these five weeks, we will broadly examine and deeply study the Biblical truths about eternity beginning with this weekend’s sermon on heaven. What will heaven be like? What can we expect and how can we be sure we will get there? Join us as we get a glimpse of heaven.

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