Mike Sigman - February 26, 2023

God is Jealous

What did your parents teach you about jealousy? My parents told me that jealousy is “no way to be” followed up with “you should be happy with what you have and not want what others have.” You can imagine my surprise when I first learned that our God is a jealous God. The One true, living, holy and loving God is also a jealous God. Certainly, God’s jealousy cannot possibly be the same attribute that my parents told me is “no way to be,” could it? And the answer is, “No, the jealousy of God is, like every other attribute of God, HOLY!” God’s jealousy is set apart from the jealousy of this world. God’s jealousy is actually a supreme expression of God’s love. I look forward to exploring this truth about God with you this weekend as we dig into Exodus 20:4-5 and several other Scripture passages. We’ll not only learn what arouses God’s jealousy, but we’ll be challenged to be as zealous as God is jealous!

From Series: "God: Getting to Know Him Better"

Uncover the wonders of God with us in this sermon series as we delve into the profound attributes of God revealed in the Bible and strive to deepen our understanding and relationship with Him.

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