Paul Weitzel - February 27, 2022

The Peace of God

Over the past several weeks, GCC has been working through a series called “Unfiltered Jesus.” This series unpacks and explains several of Jesus’ hard sayings. One of those hard sayings is found in Matthew 10:34, “Do not suppose that I have come to bring peace to the earth. I did not come to bring peace but a sword.” Did Jesus mean what He said? Was He holding a sword in Matthew 10? Should violence be used in the expansion of the Gospel? Join us this weekend as we unpack and explain another hard saying of Jesus. As we will discover, in Matthew 10:34-39, Jesus gives his followers a warning by using a well-known weapon of warfare – the sword. Follow Him, and you may face opposition. Worse than outside opposition, your own family may unfollow you, block you, and reject you. Which leaves us asking, how should we live when our family doesn’t accept whom we live for?

From Series: "Unfiltered Jesus"

Join us for a series of 14 sermons that unpack and explain some of the hard sayings of Jesus – the hard-to-understand and hard-to-apply-to-life teachings and stories of Jesus that seem to raise more questions than they answer. We need to understand these truths so we can live full and free lives in Jesus Christ.

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