Outpour worship


At Outpour Kids and Teens, we believe every child can ignite their passion and grow in excellence with confidence in their purpose. We believe that children need space to discover and develop their gifts. Every child should have easy access to meaningful activities. We created Outpour Worship with this in mind. 
Our director, Katie Wieand, brings over two decades of vocal coaching experience to the table and leads a team of adults who are invested in your child’s future. We’ve helped hundreds of kids grow in confidence and discover their purpose in a nurturing environment.

Outpour opportunities

community worship choir

Our worship choirs happen twice a year and are bound to produce a memorable concert for you and your family.

Sessions are 8 Weeks Long

Kids meet on Thursdays from 6:00-7:15 PM
Teens meet on Thursdays from 7:30-8:30 PM

Late September-November

summer musical theater camp

Our summer musical has grown every year and we are so excited for this summer.

This one week camp will grow your child’s faith while giving them tools and training in growing in their gifts and their confidence.

Our Next Camp:
July 22-26, 2024
Mon-Fri 9:00AM-1:45 PM
Performance at 7:00 PM on the final camp day



7th Grade


We are so grateful for the incredible transformation we’ve witnessed in Eileen throughout her three years with Outpour! Initially challenged by social anxiety, Eileen’s journey has been nothing short of inspiring. From struggling to make it through rehearsals to confidently auditioning for solos and emerging as a leader among her peers, her growth embodies the spirit of Outpour. It’s a testament to the nurturing environment and support provided by the choir directors and team. Eileen’s journey is a shining example of the impact Outpour has on young lives, helping them discover their worth, value, and purpose. We are immensely grateful for the role Outpour has played in Eileen’s life and countless others like her.

Matt W.


1st Grade


Addie loved choir! I’m so thankful we took the leap and signed her up. Thank you for your patience and kindness as this was something very new for us. Thank you for letting me sit in on rehearsal to see that she would not be hindered in her ability to participate. We are so proud of how well she did and very thankful she enjoyed it so much! My younger daughter can’t wait to sign up next fall! Thanks again!

Devon R.




Emma came down with Jo’s book light connected to her headband. When we asked her where she saw that and what she is doing she said, “Miss Katie wears this and I want to lead worship like her one day!” We laughed so hard but at the same time we are so thankful for you and all you do! Thank you for loving on our kids.

Melissa T.


outpour worship FAQs

  • Do my kids need singing experience?

    No! We take all skill levels and we will find a way to get your child involved.

  • How much does it cost?

    8-Week Worship Choir – $60

    One Week Summer Music Camp – $150

  • Are scholarships available?

    Yes. Contact us at katie@gccws.net  for more information.

  • Are there any hidden costs or commitments?

    No! We like to operate under our “no pressure guarantee.” Everything is included in the cost and you will not be asked to participate in any fundraisers or provide additional time and resources.

  • Can I contact someone for more information?

    You can email our director, Katie Wieand, at katie@gccws.net.

  • What about scheduling conflicts?

    We understand your schedule is busy and we want to work with you. Email our director, Katie Wieand, at katie@gccws.net.