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We warmly welcome you to our sermon page, featuring messages from Grace Community Church of Willow Street. As a church, we are passionate about sharing the love of Christ and helping people grow in their faith. We believe that the Word of God is living and active and that it has the power to transform lives.

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At Grace Community Church, we are committed to preaching the gospel in a way that is both biblical and relevant. Our pastors have a heart for sharing the message of Christ with people from all walks of life. Whether you are a long-time believer or just curious about the Christian faith, we invite you to join us on this journey of discovering God’s truth.

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We hope that you will find these sermons to be a valuable resource as you seek to grow in your faith. Our prayer is that you would be encouraged and inspired by the message of God’s love and grace, and that you would be equipped to share that message with others.

Mike Sigman - February 6, 2022

What Is The Unforgivable Sin?

This weekend at GCC, let’s talk about fence-sitting. Not the literal kind of fence sitting where you actually sit on a fence, but the fence of indecision or the fence of non-commitment. There are many areas of life where fence sitting is perfectly acceptable, but there is one area of life where fence sitting is not acceptable; everyone has to get off the fence and make a firm decision. It’s the decision about what you will do with Jesus. Jesus addresses this major decision of life in Matthew 12:30-32. This brief passage of Scripture has been a source of concern and confusion for Christians and non-Christians alike. It has the reputation of being the passage about the unforgivable sin, and it does indeed address that issue, but it teaches us so much more. It teaches us about the invitation God presents to us – an invitation to follow, or not follow, Jesus Christ. Join your GCC family and me this weekend as we unpack this ‘hard saying of Jesus’ and learn what He meant by that one sin that will not be forgiven.

Scripture References: Matthew 12:30-32

From Series: "Unfiltered Jesus"

Join us for a series of 14 sermons that unpack and explain some of the hard sayings of Jesus – the hard-to-understand and hard-to-apply-to-life teachings and stories of Jesus that seem to raise more questions than they answer. We need to understand these truths so we can live full and free lives in Jesus Christ.

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