Read: Psalm 27

Reflect: A couple years ago we had a power outage on a cold Fall evening. With hungry young kids and only one flashlight in the house, we decided to pack up and head over to my parents where the lights were on and Nana was available to make some dinner. When we returned home a few hours later, the house was still dark. Keys were not needed as we realized that in our haste, we had left all the doors unlocked. Trekking inside we began to get the kids ready for bed.

We sat down on the couch for a bedtime story via flashlight when we all heard a scratching sound. My husband and I did the quick glance at each other to confirm we both heard the same sound. Then we went with the “ignore the sound and it will go away” option. However, the sound did not go away. Something was clearly back our very dark hallway. The girls began to pick up on the noise and quiet whispers became anxious worries because quite frankly, the dark plus mystery noises are not a good combination.

After attempting to ignore the sound (unsuccessfully) we grabbed the one flashlight we had and slowly walked toward the noise. Following the sound, we found ourselves staring at a closed shower curtain. The sound was clearly coming from behind the curtain. Why? Why the shower curtain of all places? Thinking back to the unlocked house, the time we spent away, the darkness around us – – worst case scenarios crept into my mind. I was ready to find something or rather someone from a horror movie. Like ripping a band-aid off we whipped the curtain open and shined our one light into the tub. And there, racing back and forth was a terrified but not exactly terrifying mouse.

My fears began to dissipate as the light shined on the true source of our fear. A small mouse. The light diminished the fear.

How often in life do we find our fears creeping into our mindset. Fears about the future. Fears about our health. Fears about finances. Fears about our children. Fears about our careers. Fears about elections. Fears.

We often build these fears to be bigger than life. They can transform into a horror movie behind a shower curtain. Sure – there are plenty of things in life that can cause fear. But thank goodness we have the ultimate Light to shine onto our fears.  When fear creeps in, it can be easy to let it control our thoughts, our actions, and our outlook on life. However, the scriptures provide a different path. Psalm 27:1 reminds us that “The Lord is my light and my salvation – whom shall I fear? The Lord is the stronghold of my life – of whom shall I be afraid?” Let us not tremble in fear on the couch or allow our minds to race to the worst-case scenario as we face our shower curtain. Instead, let us take our fears into The Light, Jesus. Let us bring our fears to the one who holds our lives.

Apply:  When is the last time you shown The Light onto your fears? Are you trembling in the dark when The Light has already commanded you to not be afraid? When fears begin to control your mindset, pull out the scriptures and shine Jesus onto them. They will run away.

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