Waiting For God

Have you ever had to wait for something? Something that you really wanted? Something that you thought would be good, not only for you, but for other people as well? In your waiting did you find yourself questioning God? Perhaps you asked questions like, “Why wouldn’t you give this to me, Lord? It’s such a good thing!”, or “That person didn’t have to wait at all. Why do I?”
I have found myself in seasons of waiting many times in my life. So much so that sometimes it feels like my life’s theme. And at some point (or many points) in these periods of waiting I have questioned God. I’ve questioned His timing. I’ve questioned His purpose. I’ve questioned His goodness, His faithfulness, and His sovereignty. I often don’t even realize I’m questioning all those things, but the truth is, whenever I’m discontent with my circumstances, I’m questioning God and His character. As with many sins, this sin is rooted in pride. 

I’ve recently found myself in one of those seasons again, and as in all the times before, I’ve found myself struggling to trust God for the outcome. I’ve realized that I have not yet learned how to wait well (Perhaps this is why waiting seems to be an ongoing theme). But I’ve also realized that I’m not alone in waiting.

Recently, I read through 1 & 2 Samuel, and was reminded of just how long David had to wait for God to fulfill His promise to make him king. If you don’t know that story, the answer is that David had to wait a really long time. Even after he became king, David still had to wait for things. Despite all this waiting, David trusted God. We can see throughout the Psalms that he still struggled with trusting, but he regularly reminded himself of God’s character. In 2 Samuel 22, we read a song that David wrote “on the day he was delivered from the hand of all his enemies and from the hand of Saul” (v. 1). In it he recounts the way that God worked and saved him. In verse 31, David says, “This God- his way is perfect…”. I would venture to guess that David didn’t always feel that way. I can’t imagine that he felt like God’s way was perfect when he was hiding in caves to avoid being murdered. But he knew the importance of trusting God, regardless of his feelings, and he lived that truth. 

God’s ways are perfect, and we can trust Him in every circumstance to be working for our good and His glory. If you, like me, are waiting today, take some time to read through 2 Samuel 22 or the Psalms and remind yourself that “This God- His way is perfect.”

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