turning someone’s life around

Image of single lamb in woods

Many years ago, I found myself in dire straits. I was young, unmarried, pregnant, sick, and homeless. Was God real? Broken and alone, I was desperate for stability. I called Bethany Christian Services and began the process of being placed in a shepherding home. In case you don’t know, “shepherding” is translated “to feed, tend, or care for lambs”. I was that lamb who had definitely lost her way. Bethany soon matched me up with a family. This changed my life. The owner, Dawn, walked me through their home and talked with me. I felt that her words and that space were filled with an unseen calming, peaceful presence, the Holy Spirit.

that’s how dawn rolled

I was a total stranger. Dawn didn’t know me, but she knew the Holy Spirit and His love for me. She trusted His ability to work through her as she simply shared the reason behind her hope, Jesus’ resurrection. She depended on the Spirit’s power to give her wisdom, discernment, and words aptly spoken at the proper time to my troubled soul. Dawn lived Acts 1:8:  But you will receive power when the Holy Spirit has come upon you; and you shall be My witnesses both in Jerusalem and in all Judea, and Samaria, and as far as the remotest part of the earth.” That’s how she rolled – by the power of the Holy Spirit.

we live in an age of lost lambs

We live in an age of lost lambs. Millions are living in dire straits. It doesn’t matter their age, their physical health, or their financial health. Loneliness and brokenness are common. Individuals are desperate for stability The majority of the world’s population isn’t sure if God is real. Social unrest, natural disasters, war, disease, and more threaten to overwhelm mankind.

dawn didn’t need to have everything figuRED OUT

As Christ followers, we have the privilege of being a shining light and offering hope in these dark days, just as Dawn did for me. Dawn didn’t know if taking me in and caring for me would make a difference for my eternity then…or ever. She didn’t need to have everything figured out to be faithful in sharing His love and forgiveness with me.

we can depend on the spirit’s power

Just like Dawn, we are to trust the Holy Spirit’s ability to work through us as we simply share the reason behind our hope, Jesus’ resurrection. We can depend on the Spirit’s power to give us wisdom, discernment, and words aptly spoken at the proper time to troubled souls.

you can help the lost lamb

Like Dawn, the Holy Spirit calls us to share the truth of Jesus. How about asking God for the power of His Spirit to fill you? He can accomplish what He has called you to do, whether that be in your own little corner or to the very ends of the earth. Just like Dawn, you might be the one to help turn someone’s life around. You can help that lost lamb.

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