Author: Bill Stoner

  • Image of "I was hungry"


    July 23, 2024
    You’ll have to excuse me for being political, but all week I watched the Republican National Convention. I enjoyed (for…
  • Image of Love Never Fails


    July 11, 2024
    Some may think that God is asking too much. After all, has God met some of the people who fill…
  • Image of floating guitar

    when i met a demon

    June 20, 2024
    Then Charlie said something which was very strange, he said: “The power that holds that guitar is the power you…
  • Image of woman caring for child

    nice, but “of the devil”

    May 30, 2024
    We serve year after year, but none of these things are the metric for evaluating an actual relationship with God.
  • Image of I love My Teacher

    why teach?

    May 14, 2024
    He will remember that person who stands out, who only tells him the truth, who loves him despite that horrendous…
  • Image of flowers growing


    May 9, 2024
    Growth is a wonderful thing!  Whether in the physical realm or the spiritual realm, I love to witness both
  • Image of small group

    the stoner group

    April 16, 2024
    Small groups are essential to the health of any church that wants to be a beacon of light to their…
  • Image of person walking through the dark

    light versus the darkness

    April 11, 2024
    The plane is going to crash is 30 seconds but the view on the way down is breathtaking
  • Image of Brad Purdy

    mr. irrelevant

    March 5, 2024
    Do you believe you’re irrelevant?
  • Image of man denying


    February 29, 2024
    Peter is determined to follow Jesus and to remain at his side... Until he isn’t!