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Remember the story of the bored boy who tended sheep? The boy cried “Wolf!” to get attention. His cries were heard. Help came. But it was a false alarm. He cried “Wolf!” again and help arrived. Yet another false alarm. By the third time, the boy’s credibility was gone. The boy cried “Wolf” and his cries were ignored. Except the third time, the threat was real. No help came and goodbye flock and goodbye boy. “A liar will not be believed, even when telling the truth.”

what are lies?

What are lies? Purposely skipping some facts? Twisting the truth, a bit? Boldly denying a fact or event? Misdirecting information? Lies can destroy. Remember, when Judas sat down at the last supper, he thought he was betraying Jesus for the good of his country. Judas’ life was a lie.

Maybe you accept that a lie is a lie. Yet, if I asked if you’ve ever lied, you might hesitate and then say “Well, yeahhhh, but not harmful ones, just, well, tiny ones.” As if tiny ones aren’t lies, excused by “Just, well, you know…” For example, if I told you to convert to Islam or be beheaded, would crossing your fingers & agreeing “I’ll convert” be a lie? Maybe you need to begin looking up what the Bible says about lying.

While you’re mulling this over, consider the outcomes of lies. Some are external and long reaching. Remember Ananias and Sapphira – their lies led their demise.

lies have consequences

Lies have internal consequences. Maybe you felt gleeful that you pulled off that lie (or so you thought). More likely, though, you eventually ended up with a pit, a weight or a queasy feeling in your stomach. Did you creep around figuring other lies to cover the initial lie? Continuing to lie is mentally, physically, and emotionally exhausting. You have to cover the first lie with another lie. The waiting process is painful since ultimately “Your sin will find you out” (Numbers 32:23).

Everything changes with lies. The ramifications in how others perceive you, once branded as a liar. Your credibility departs. People distrust anything you say. Friendships shatter and your life is not the same. How long does it take to regain that trust? As Dr. Phil says, “Until.”

the choice

The best defense: tell the truth. It’s pure gold. Does it have consequences? Yes, but isn’t it worth it to have a clear conscience? Wakeup to the results of playing with lies. Don’t lie. The weight (pit in the stomach) of lying is tremendous and living in fear of being caught is treacherous. Choose this day which you’ll speak: lie or truth.

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