Mike Sigman - November 20, 2022

Dear Church, Go!

The world we live in is a broken and complex world. Pick up a newspaper, look at a newsfeed, tune into FOX or CNN or WGAL, and you’ll see and hear the stories of a broken world. Frankly, the number and nature of these stories of brokenness can be so overwhelming that we’re tempted to tune them out or turn them off, but don’t do that! Instead, ask this question - What IN THIS BROKEN, HURTING WORLD should we be doing? As followers of Jesus Christ, how can we make a difference in this world? What can we do, as a church, to address the brokenness of people around the corner and around the world?

Scripture References: Matthew 28:16-20

From Series: "Dear Church"

Over the next five weekends, we will hear Jesus speak to the Church. We need to hear what He has to say about us. If we listen well and apply what we learn, Jesus will reset our understanding of Church and even deepen our love for Church. The series is entitled “Dear Church,” because each sermon focuses on a truth that Jesus wants the Church to learn – truths about who we are and what He wants us to do.

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