Mike Sigman - February 11, 2024

First Things First - Compassion

We wrap up a six-part series called First Things First this weekend. Over the past five weekends, we have said GCC holds to preaching God's authoritative, inerrant, and infallible Word. That prayer is an essential part of the life and ministry of GCC. We hold to celebratory worship, reaching the next generation, and grace in our relationships. GCC is not called “Judgment Community Church!” It is called ‘Grace Community Church,” and for good reason. Join us this weekend as we conclude our series by giving a biblical perspective on compassion. According to Matthew 20:29-34 and many other passages, compassion is not passive but is our love in action, which is why GCC is committed to demonstrating compassion for hurting people in a broken world.

From Series: "First Things First"

Join as we journey through the core values of GCC in this winter sermon series.

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