Mike Sigman - January 28, 2024

First Things First - Grace

Early 20th century devotional writer J. Oswald Sanders wisely noted, “There is always one fact more in every life of which we know nothing, therefore Jesus says, "Judge not." Yet that is precisely what we too often do. Too often, we judge men and women without having all the facts. We assume we know it all when, in truth, our judgments show how very little we know and how very little we care. It is one of the many reasons that God tells us to keep a tight rein on our tongues! Since the first weekend of 2024, we have been putting FIRST THINGS FIRST as we’ve studied Scripture together. This weekend, we will be challenged to live lives that are full of grace and free of judgment in obedience to God’s Word to us in Luke 6:37-38, 41-42. We look forward to sharing these truths with you!.

Scripture References: Luke 6:37-38, Luke 6:41-42

From Series: "First Things First"

Join as we journey through the core values of GCC in this winter sermon series.

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