Mike Sigman - November 7, 2021

Seasons of Discouragement

How’s your soul been this week? Has your soul been ‘under the weather’? That question both opened and closed last week’s sermon on the topic of discouragement. We learned last week that there is one who revels in creating discouragement in us. It’s the devil, and discouragement is one of his favorite tools. He uses discouragement to undermine our confidence in the Lord and the faith we profess. Sometimes, we can just ‘snap-out’ of our discouragement. Prayer, conversation, a good night’s sleep, a day off, and we’re good to go! Sometimes, discouragement settles in. Sometimes, our discouragement is more a season than it is an experience. Elijah’s discouragement had settled in. It had settled into his mind and heart. As we read on this week in 1 Kings 19:9-21, it becomes clear that this was not a single experience of discouragement. Elijah was living through a season of discouragement; it was with him in the morning and the evening and in-between. But God was with him, too. God didn’t give up on Elijah. God’s gave Elijah amazing grace, and God will do the same for us even as we go through seasons of discouragement. Join your GCC family as we discover some new facets of God’s amazing grace.

Scripture References: 1 Kings 19:9b-21

From Series: "Elijah"

Join us in this series on a great figure from biblical history: Elijah!

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