Mike Sigman - May 14, 2023

She Kept on Pouring- Elisha and the Widow

Let’s unpack the next “Story of His Power” as we explore a wonderful story in 2 Kings 4:1-7. On the surface, we see God at work in three ways in this story. We see a miracle of God by which God powerfully fills a whole lot of jars with a little bit of oil. We also see God’s mercy by which God tenderly cares for the needs of a widow and her two sons. And we see God’s marvelous provision. The widow’s need was great, but her God was greater still! The real life lessons and challenges of this story should convince us that little really is much when God is in it! See you on Mother’s Day at GCC!

Scripture References: 2 Kings 4:1-7

From Series: "Stories of His Power 2023"

In this series, we will look at a variety of Stories from the Old Testament as we focus on the power of God

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