Paul Weitzel - September 11, 2022

The Cycle of Life

For the next six weeks, we will begin a study in the book of Ecclesiastes called Life in a Mad, Mad, Mad World. This series is not intended to be a chapter-by-chapter examination; instead, we will explore various passages and topics. We hope you will want to continue studying this book for yourself and that this series will serve as a catalyst. The book of Ecclesiastes records King Solomon's intense search to find meaning and fulfillment in life. In Ecclesiastes 1:1-11, Solomon will search the cycles of life that we all observe, the wind, the water, the generations that come, and the generations that go; he will observe science, history and, in the end, will come to one conclusion, that life under the sun is meaningless. So, how do we find meaning in life? Join us this weekend as we open a new book, Ecclesiastes, and discover that life without God is meaningless.

Scripture References: Ecclesiastes 1:1-11

From Series: "It's a Mad Mad World"

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