Addison Roberts - March 17, 2024

unconditional - The Cross

What was crucifixion and why did Jesus have to endure this brutal form of execution? This Weekend, we'll unpack the physical and spiritual realities of the cross. What happened to Jesus? What happened because of Jesus? Get ready for a powerful look at the unconditional love that led Christ to the cross, as we continue the unconditional! sermon series on the road to Easter. Reread John 19 as you prepare for this message. 00:00 - Pre-sermon 00:00 - John 19: When the Soldiers crucified Jesus 02:28 - The Passion of the Christ 03:47 - The Crucifixion 09:07 - Sin, Iniquity and Transgression 14:04 - Sin is a form of idolatry 20:19 - Jesus Looking Down at His Mother's Suffering 26:22 - God Bless Me 26:47 - Jesus Sees You from the Cross 28:59 - Post-sermon

Scripture References: John 19:17-27

From Series: "Unconditional"

A series of messages that focus on the 24 hours leading up to Jesus’ death on the cross. We will follow Him to the cross and, as we do, we will learn the true meaning of UNCONDITIONAL. Unconditional care. Unconditional compassion. Unconditional service. Unconditional giving. Unconditional kindness. Unconditional forgiveness. Unconditional obedience. Unconditional surrender. UNCONDITIONAL LOVE.

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