Mike Sigman - July 23, 2023

What God looks For In A Church

What do you look for in a church? Now, let me rephrase that question and ask, What does God look for in a church? Read His Word and you’ll find that when God looks at a church, His concern is for the foundation of the church. God inspects the foundation of a church to ensure that it is a solid, safe church for His family. God wants his children – that’s you and me - to settle in and grow in a church that meets his “church-building” standards. What are those standards? Let’s turn the pages of Ephesians to chapter 4:1-16 this weekend. As we begin the second half of our Ephesians study, we will find that chapters 4-6 are as practical as chapters 1-3 are theological. In these last three chapters, Paul will instruct us on how to practice our faith in our homes and with our families, while at work and among our neighbors, when people can see us and when they can’t and, in Ephesians 4:1-16, in our church and with our family in Christ. Join us this weekend as we discover what God is looking for when he looks at GCC….and our GCC family!

From Series: "Ephesians"

Join us for our summer long series in the book of Ephesus!

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