Paul Weitzel - June 19, 2022

America's New Religion

This weekend we continue in our series MAKING FAITH WORK. A faith that works is a faith that works through trials. It is natural for us to get angry when we face a problem. Yet, as we will learn in James 1:19-27, anger can blur our vision and pollute our mission. So, don’t be deceived; join us this weekend and learn to transform your anger before your anger transforms you.

Scripture References: James 1:19-27

From Series: "Making Faith Work"

Welcome to a new series of sermons from the New Testament book of James called Making Faith Work. The first subject James tackles is the subject of trials – the trials of life. You may recall that we explored that very subject three weeks ago as we grappled with suffering in light of eternity. James 1:1-12 is an excellent sequel to that sermon and extremely practical, too. God inspired James to tell us how trials work when you are a follower of Jesus Christ. We’ll learn what role attitude, wisdom and money play in navigating life’s trials. I look forward to exploring God’s truth with you!

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