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 “One dollar bid, now two, now two, will ‘ya give me two? Two-dollar bid, now three, now three, will ‘ya give me three?” Apparently, this is common language if you are a regular auction goer, but I do not fall in this category. I am fascinated by the rhythmic repetitive numbers, jokes, and jargon to keep the audiences’ attention.  Even more intriguing is the slightest nod of a head when someone bids on the item. Each nod signaling as the bidding continues.  Then a quick shake to withdraw from bidding. 

Recently I was able to experience an auction as my in-laws were auctioning household items and farm equipment in conjunction with the sale of their house. An occasional tear streamed down my face as beloved items went on the block. The wooden wagon with the bright red handle and black rubber tires sold for a mere couple of dollars.  Memories of my children and their cousins piled inside the wagon with pillows stuffed along the sides so that their little “weeble wobble” bodies wouldn’t accidentally spill over the top as we bounced down the long lane in the southern end of Strasburg. Then there was the beautiful wooden picnic table, the one that hosted family picnics, graduation parties, and reunions, sold for a piddly $25.  Next was two gentlemen bidding over the four-wheeler.  The back and forth nodding incrementally increased the bid as it jarred memories of my boys squealing with delight on the four-wheeler as they drove way too fast while little Katelyn whined about being too tiny to have a turn. So many things sold at such a small price.

that whose value will not decrease

Material things can be auctioned off so quickly. I buy material items thinking I need them, and they will serve a purpose, but then I sell them and move on to the next thing I think I need. But do I stop and think to make a spiritual purchase?  One that doesn’t require auction jargon or a nod of a head on that whose value will never decrease. Do I have that which will last for eternity?

precious to god

When we choose Jesus, we receive the priceless gift of eternal life.  When we follow Jesus, our value in Him never decreases.  God proclaims in Isaiah 43:4: “Others were given in exchange for you.  I traded their lives for yours because you are precious to me. You are honored, and I love you.”

you are priceless

Rick Warren from The Foundation of a Life Well-Lived states, “The greatest ransom ever paid was paid for you by Jesus Christ. Jesus came to Earth and suffered for you. God exchanged his own Son for your salvation—for your freedom. Christ gave his life so that you could have eternal life. If you want to know how valued you are, just look at the cross. The cross proves your value. If someone has ever told you you’re worthless, they’re dead wrong. You are not worthless. You are priceless. And you are infinitely valuable to God in Christ.”

When I hear these words again, “Going once, going twice, sold!” instead of shedding a tear of reminiscence, I will smile. I have that which will last for eternity. There is no price to pay. God has already paid the ransom. Have you asked Him for His gift?

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