Tag: Free Online Devotional

  • Image of floating guitar

    when i met a demon

    June 20, 2024
    Then Charlie said something which was very strange, he said: “The power that holds that guitar is the power you…
  • Image of squares spelling out "thank you"

    the grateful heart

    June 18, 2024
    The mental health benefits of showing gratitude are encouraging.  Symptoms of stress, anxiety and depression can be decreased when we…
  • Image of unanswered prayers

    prayers that malfunction

    June 13, 2024
    Where was God? His Word was dust; her prayer. life shriveled up.
  • Image of man with canoe

    where can i find peace?

    June 11, 2024
    There is peace that carries us through thick and thin, over mountain, through valleys and storms, 24/7, for life.
  • Image of receiving a trophy


    June 6, 2024
    Clueless unsaved John didn’t understand what real love meant. He was powerless.
  • Image of stepping into Jesus


    June 4, 2024
    Why is stepping out in faith so hard sometimes? Even if you feel the nudging of Jesus, it's just terrifying.
  • Image of woman caring for child

    nice, but “of the devil”

    May 30, 2024
    We serve year after year, but none of these things are the metric for evaluating an actual relationship with God.
  • Image of Baby Birds

    nourished, just like the baby birds

    May 28, 2024
    Spring is my favorite time of the year. The first flowers peek through the ground and new buds form on…
  • Image of Abiding

    let him settle in

    May 23, 2024
    Give Him the keys. Let Him abide. Permit Him to move in
  • Image of plants growing

    how to thrive

    May 21, 2024
    I came to know that there’s no way to dig in, grit teeth, and white-knuckle my way through this sorrow…